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Preping Tips Appliances

Before you move
Preping Tips  Appliances

Rather you’re moving yourself or having someone move you. Here are a few things you can do to help with the transition. Try not to wait until moving day.

Refrigerators - 48 hours before moving day unplug this unit. This will give it time to defrost and clean it out! These things can get pretty nasty on the insides and dusty on top especially if it’s rarely cleaned. You will appreciate the hard work in prepping this unit when it’s sitting in your new home.

Microwaves - Oh the joy of fast nuking. Microwaves are fairly easy it may require a quick wipe down inside and out. And it’s always good to take the cooking tray out and put it in one of your boxes labeled fragile you don’t want that banging around while it’s being moved.

Washers - Once you have your last load washed this would be a good time to turn the water off connected to the unit and undo them hoses.  It’s almost impossible to get all the water out, so before you grab and go tilt the washer and to try and drain any remaining water left inside. You may want to consider buying new hoses depending on how long it’s been hooked up. There may be rust or calcium deposits also known as rust as well as a worn out rubber washer inside the hose that may prevent a good connection at your new location.

Dryers - Were sure you clean that lint trap after a few uses but do to the stress of moving you may forget, so this is just a reminder. And while you’re down there may as well undo the dryer vent. Inspect it for rips and tears. Like the washers hoses these parts don’t last forever.

Stoves - After your last meal give this item a good old scrubbing. If it’s a gas stove put them burners and burn caps in a box make sure you know what box there in after all this you going to get hungry after the move.

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